Who are we?

Auto imports was created in April 2022 in France

Auto-imports is selling cars mainly imported from Japan. We are specialized in classic JDM cars but also US and Euro sports cars and exotics in our showroom in Alsace in the heart of Europe. Our goal is to help you to buy your dream car as easily as possible.

Auto imports is in partnership with Toprank which is in Japan but also in USA to promote the import and export of cars around the world.

We are importing iconic JDM cars such as, Skyline R32, R33 and R34 GTR, Honda Civic Type R, Supra, Chaser, Silvia and many more.

We have some models in our showroom in Alsace and we also offer back order service and direct import from Japan and USA.

If you are looking to buy german cars with left hand drive or right hand drive, we have them available in the showroom and also as direct import.

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Buying your dream car has never been that simple and stress-free.

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